About Us
Safe Principals QLD provides practical work health and safety support for primary, secondary and special schools. 

We work with 'Site Managers', typically the principal or BSM to develop a WHS Management System specific to their school’s processes, plant & machinery and staff to ensure that they are meeting their Duty of Care requirements.

In doing so, we provide a platform for all staff, visitors and contractors to conduct their work in a manner which promotes positive health and safety in the workplace.

Why Safe Principals QLD?
We specialise in WHS in schools and are adept at identifying all forms of hazards and risks in this sector. No school is ever the same as the last, however with over 500 clients nationally we are well positioned to provide professional advice and systems that work for schools of any size.
We provide school principals with expert consultancy and advice. We also help schools implement safety principles into their workplace and in the process, provide a framework for fulfilling their legal obligations under the WHS Act 2011.
What We Do
We spend a full day at your school, identifying foreseeable risk and hazards to students and staff. We then format these hazards into an action plan specifically for your school. During our visit, we also update all core emergency documents, (emergency management plan, emergency response plan and critical incident plan etc.)  
At the end of our consultation and service you will have a complete system which is totally compliant. One folder with all the documentation you will ever need for WHS as well as the user-friendly safety management system loaded onto your desktop for day-to-day management of your schools' WHS. 
We Offer  
•    A full site inspection with an action plan which indicates any hazards around the school.
•    A general chemical audit throughout the school.
•    We review and update all school emergency documentation.
•    Full review of evacuation / lockdown procedures.  
•    Review and update all staff/contractor induction paperwork. 
•    Review of first aid equipment. 
•    A school specific emergency flip chart.  
•    A schedule to keep track of evacuation dates, fire extinguisher review dates, test and tag dates etc.
•    A full WHS audit folder that includes all the above information in an easy to locate format.  

After visiting your school, we may identify areas of non-compliance including Evacuation Diagrams, First Aid and Chemical Management – These three areas are services which we can also provide if required.

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